The Visual/Carlow - Artworks/ Remembering the Future - 8th June - 27th august 2023

Medium: Textile (Repurposed and hand died bed linen, steal pins and wire mesh)

The sculptural installation of 13 wall mounted pieces makes references to my ancestors, the Samé people in the Northern hemisphere; their mental and physical strength and endurance; their knowledge of nature, which enables them to survive in an extreme climate as well as a difficult social and political environment. Their culture is rich in colour symbolism closely connected to nature. A lot of meaning is also tied up with the process and materials used in translating the concept. I am interested in is taking real life materials and turn them by some inspired, secret process, into something else; related to life in some way, conceptual or otherwise, but stronger and more intense. The familiar social, cultural and utilitarian value of bed linen has been changed and placed in this new context. The material elements have been pushed to their limits so that they do not look familiar. The process of ripping, stretching, rolling and pinning of the material requires manipulation, strength and endurance. The colours help to materialise cultural metaphors, memories as well as family history. The art work creates innovative compositions with elements of mystery, ambiguity and a sense of intrigue. The ambiguity allows the viewer to bring their own meaning to the art work. 

Location: National Botanic Gardens, Dublin 9
3rd September to 16th October 2015

Sculpture in Context is the largest and most prestigious outdoor sculpture exhibition in Ireland, showcasing the work of Irish and international artists. Over the years it has staged highly acclaimed visual arts events at a number of different venues. It returns to the National Botanic Gardens in Dublin this September. My exhibit Decay symbolises the deterioration of the old way of life of my ancestors, the Same people in the Northern Hemisphere, in the shape of a rusting bucket. It is made using heat manipulated synthetic fiber and acrylic medium.

What we can see can have a particular effect on our body and mind , and because what we see are colours they can have an effect on our physical condition and mood. They can alter our perception of our surroundings. My art also makes references to the symbolic meaning of colour - i.e. red for passion, green for communication,  yellow for attention etc.

An exhibition by Connolly Collective - an art group based at Connolly Hospital, Blanchardstown, Dublin 15

The exhibition - at the Connolly gallery in the Administration building -  runs until early 2018.

3D detailrecycled layered cloth with handstitch (slow stitch)
3D detailrecycled layered cloth with handstitch (slow stitch)

It is that time of year again - the annual international sculpture exhibition in Dublin's Botanic Garden . My little sculpture is there among the cactus .

Tatterling20x10x12cm(variable) heat manipulated TyVek and acrylic medium.

A new exhibition by The Connolly Collective opens at the Gallery space at Connolly Hospital on Wednesday 23rd November at 6pm. 20% of all sales goes to the Blanchardstown Hospital Society , a charity who supports patients with special needs. The exhibition runs for 2 weeks. Opening times: Every day except Saturday and Sunday from 10am - 4pm.

Scopeoil on canvas

Experience art beyond the museum walls in the National Botanic Gardens in Dublin – Monday – Friday 9 – 5, Saturday & Sunday 10 – 6 , until 21st October.

The Installation of "Tatterlings" are in the Curviliniar glasshouse and "Source of Life" is in the Visitor's Centre Gallery.

Meath Arts Group's 10th Anniversary exhibition at Solstice Arts Centre in Navan, Co. Meath was curated David Quinn, artist and curator attached to Taylor Gallery in Dublin. The artists are reflecting on life in Ireland over the 100 years from 1916 - 2016, from a personal or historical basis. The 10th anniversary is celebrated by a display of members' self-portraits.

The exhibition runs from 21st July - 12th August 2016. The gallery is open 11-4 ,Tuesday - Saturday.

Displaced People detailUnravelled and recycled cotton thread and machine stitch on soluable film - 330x68cm
Forces of Nature detailRecycled bed linnen, steel pins and wire mesh - 70x31x10cm

The annual Surveyor exhibition at Solstice Arts Centre in Navan Co. Meath runs until 8th July 2016.

My Research into the cultural traditions, beliefs and myths of the Samé People in the Northern hemisphere, my ancestors, has given direction to my art work in the last few years. The old Samé believed in Shamanism and Totemism; believing in the power of inanimate objects to hold “conscious” spirits that interact with society. These particular 3D art works , made from recycled cotton bed linen, explores the extreme seasons the Samé has to contend with - the fusion of land and water - the cold and warm – the balance of nature that sustains them. The art invites the viewer in through colour, form and texture and layers of history and meaning.  

The Connolly Collective Exhibition opens at Connolly Hospital, Blanchardstown 25.05. in the Administration Building. It is the first viewing of the art works by the Collective which will be on extended loan to the Hospital to be distributed throughout the hospital for the enjoyment of patients, staff and visitors. The Connolly Collective have been supported by the Blancharstown Society ( a charity) and The Fingal Co Co Arts office.

Artist Statements

 Embedded Memories 

 The art work is informed by the historic fact that from the opening of Connolly hospital in 1955 a large number of women from institutions, like the Magdalene Laundries, were transferred here as “domestic staff”. They worked in the kitchen and the hospital laundry and some lived within the hospital for decades. This sculpture is a monument to these brave women and their survivors. The materials used, discarded hospital sheets and pillowcases, already had a powerful value related to their use but also, in this context, to who handled them. To remake the memory of these women, the sculptural processes involved tries to re-enact their working history; in the washing, rolling, stretching, ironing and folding of bed linen. The memories of lived and lost lives are in the folds and the layers of the sculpture, just as the indignities and crimes visited upon these women by society are multilayered and hidden away. 

 This textile sculpture have taken the form of the sun, which is the symbol of the energy of the world and all living life.  

 A Celebration 

 The sculpture is a celebration of all the ‘hidden” staff which performs vital roles within the hospital setting - The Linen Service, the laundry, kitchen and tailoring staff and staff involved in logistics, maintenance and cleaning. The materials used, discarded hospital sheets and pillowcases, already had a powerful value related to their use but also, in this context, to who handled them. The materials have been reformatted and have taken on a different meaning with a new intrinsic value. 

Portrait of a Hospital Tailor and his Tools

 Connolly Hospital employed the last tailor in the health services in Ireland. John McGrath had worked at the hospital for 15 years and when he retired in April 2016 - he won’t be replaced. It signifies the end of this particular trade in a hospital context. 

 Portrait of a Laundry Lady 

Rosanne Reilly , an important cog in this hospital’s machinery, has worked with the Linen Service for more than 30 years and is now the only member of staff left at the laundry. 

 Portrait of a Story Teller 

Mick Roban started working at the hospital at age 18 and is today Head of Logistics; he was a strong trade unionist , is a playwright and a teller of historic anecdotes going back to the opening of the hospital in 1955. 


The Irish Transport and General Workers Union have played an important part in the history of this hospital, particularly establishing Equality between mail and female employees  and all the diverse disciplines within the hospital.

The RHA 186th annual exhibition 2016 opens to the public Tuesday 22nd March . The exhibition closes on 11th June 2016.

Ireland’s largest and longest established open submission exhibition includes painting, sculpture, photography, print, drawing and architectural models by Academy members, invited artists and artists selected through the open submission process. With all gallery spaces dedicated to this exhibition, the RHA presents the visitor with a unique opportunity to view work by artists at every level of their career, from new talent to established artists, hanging side by side. 

2016 will also see a prize fund of €55,000+ distributed across the various disciplines. 

The RHA Annual Exhibition has always been regarded as the most prestigious and one of the largest selling exhibitions in the art calendar. 

Opening hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday: 11.00am - 5.00pm
Wednesday LATE night opening: 11.00am - 8.00pm
Sunday: 12.00pm - 5.00pm 

Fire TotemDetail Bronze Wall sculpture - 44x7x7cm

EXHIBITION and SALE of small original prints and paintings at the Café Gallery, El Mentidero, El Cotillo, Fuerteventura. From November 2015 – until further notice


Terrace ViewAcrylic on canvas - 15x15cm